The problem with markets is that they’re deeply narcissistic, constantly trying to glimpse themselves. Soros: In the initial stage (AB), a new positive earning trend is not yet recognized. Then comes a period of acceleration (BC) when the trend is recognized and reinforced by expectations. A period of testing may intervene when either earnings or… Continue reading Reflexivity

Do Fintwit insiders have any special market insights?

We asked GPT Chat: do fintwit insiders have special market insights? The answer is no. “It is unlikely that anyone, including “fintwit insiders,” has special insights into the stock market that would allow them to consistently predict its movements. The stock market is complex and subject to a wide variety of factors, making it difficult… Continue reading Do Fintwit insiders have any special market insights?

AI and investing

Good overview by Aaron Brown of AI’s failure, to date, as a stock trader. But as, Brown notes, AI plays a powerful role in reduce the amount of noise that investors and analysts have to consume. Notes Brown: “The main area is processing ‘unstructured data’ like news stories and text reporting. There’s no doubt that AI… Continue reading AI and investing

Welcome Racery!

Our colleagues have been working on Racery , a site that totally transforms racing by allowing for both time and space-shifting of races. Now you can race anyone, anywhere — all plotted on a virtual route. Like a brewery or bakery, Racery takes a few basic ingredients (space and speed) and produces one of life’s staples. Invite… Continue reading Welcome Racery!

How recruiters can source great candidates by analyzing Twitter’s hidden networks

Looking for awesome job candidates? By analyzing who key people within a target industry or business follow, Twiangulate helps recruiters identify highly-value, passive candidates. This blog posts shows how just ten minutes of digging can reveal hundreds of potential job candidates on Twitter. As you’ll see below, this can be done even inside a notoriously… Continue reading How recruiters can source great candidates by analyzing Twitter’s hidden networks

Who does Congress follow?

Who does Congress follow? Dan Amira and the New York Magazine Intelligencer team did a lot of good digging into a pile of Twiangulate data a few weeks back. The usual suspects @thehill (followed by 62.9% of Congress), @politico (61.2%), @cspan (61%) and @rollcall (59.9%) were most followed. The big surprise came in the strong showing of… Continue reading Who does Congress follow?

How Twiangulate measures reach

Instead of relying on complex, secret “influence” algorithms like Klout and Peer Index, Twiangulate measures influence as reach, the number of people who follow a tweeter’s real biggest followers. When calculating biggest followers, Twiangulate only includes people who might actually read tweets. We exclude mega accounts that follow more than 11,000 people or with a friend/follower… Continue reading How Twiangulate measures reach