Mapping twitter lists

For example, here’s a map of Jeff Jarvis’ Media Wonks list.  The full list of 192 tweeps doesn’t map well — this is an <strike>incestuous</strike> highly networked world.  So the map defaults to display only those tweeps with bilateral links (as opposed to a one directional follow) with more than 10% of the people on the… Continue reading Mapping twitter lists

Webs or trees?

Looking at efficient networks, Wired reports: “Tree branches have inspired efficient transit networks, but a new studyfinds inspiration in leaves. The curvy, connected leaf veins found insome plants are an efficient way to circumvent damaged areas andchannel nutrients, report researchers led by Eleni Katifori of theRockefeller University in New York City.”

Who follows the same tweeps

This search shows which influential followers that two or three tweeps have in common. (To eliminate the noise of the millions of spam tweeps and focus on intentional follows, we limit the results to tweeps who follow fewer than 11k people who have 1.5 times more followers than friends.) This search can help reveal who… Continue reading Who follows the same tweeps

Smallest twitter friends

Want to know who matters to someone?  It’s usually not the biggest tweeps someone follows — heck almost everyone follows  @BarackObama, @PerezHilton and @Mashable.  It’s the smallest, the tweeps with just 36 or 281 followers.   In the “under the radar” list, you more likely find a tweeter’s  lawyer, sister, high school BFF, 40-something-mentor-just-getting-on-twitter, and/or… Continue reading Smallest twitter friends

Watching for new common twitter friends

The Watch List will notify you when two or three tweeps you’ve targeted jointly follow someone new.   Good for finding rising stars in an industry, a competitor’s new customer, or a new hire in a company. We DM you personal updates weekly after your target tweeps follow someone new. To create a watch list, click… Continue reading Watching for new common twitter friends