How Twiangulate measures reach

Instead of relying on complex, secret “influence” algorithms like Klout and Peer Index, Twiangulate measures influence as reach, the number of people who follow a tweeter’s real biggest followers. When calculating biggest followers, Twiangulate only includes people who might actually read tweets. We exclude mega accounts that follow more than 11,000 people or with a friend/follower… Continue reading How Twiangulate measures reach

Trying too hard in your Twitter bio?

Here’s a list of overused words in Twitter bios that fail by telling rather than showing. Click the words below to see who uses each in Twitter. Expert or Maven (33,209) It’s up to your peers, not you, to declare you an expert. Too often, seeing “expert” in a bio sends us running in the opposite direction. Kinda… Continue reading Trying too hard in your Twitter bio?