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Most hashtagged panels of Day 2 SXSWi 2010

A quick Taghive tabulation of tags used by SXSWers at yesterday's panels:

  1. Media Armageddon (#endtimes): 257 tweets by 55 people
  2. Danah Boyd keynote (#danahboyd): 186 tweets by 52 people
  3. Getting Streamy (#gettingstreamy): 131 tweets by 42 people
  4. Future of Influence(#futureofinfluence): 130 tweets by 43 people
  5. Can the real time web be realized? (#realtimeweb): 106 tweets by 34 people

And here are SXSW hashtags for the last hour.

SXSW 2010 Day Two hashtags

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